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Underwater Museum

It was a fisherman from Alonissos, in 1985, who first set eyes on the ancient shipwreck close to the rocky shores of 

the island of Peristera at the depth of 28 meters: A large cargo boat, probably Athenian, sunk at around 425 bc.

It was loaded with thousands of amphorae of wine from the towns of Mendi in Halkidiki and Skopelos in Spoprades,

both known in the ancient world for their exellent wine.

The heap of amphoraes, strewn for 25 meters on the sea bottom, is indicative of the size and shape of ther ship.

The impressively large number of amphoraes, the excellent condition of the shipwreck itself at depths of 21 to 28 meters,

the beauty and richness of the water that surround it and additional fact that lies within the boundaries of a protected

area, The Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades, establishes the ancient shipwreck of Peristera as a prime

destination for every experienced diver.

However access to the mystical underwater world should not be a privilege only for the lovers of diving but should be avilable

to all visitors of Alonissos. They should also be given the opportunity to relish and admire this unique shipwreck without even 

getting wet.

In the village of old Alonissos, the Chora, in renovated neoclasical building of the old shcool, the Center of information and

public awareness is waiting for the conserned visitor. Apart from all relevant information conserning shipwrecks the visitors have

the opportunity to enjoy a virtual diving made possible by the use of advanced technologies. The feeling of "diving" with the 

help of a 3D device is exhillarating

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